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    Our purpose-built Wine Club Management software and integrations provide selection and rotation flexibility, a simple sign-up process and fast club processing.

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Our Wine Club Management software provides the flexibility that your customers are looking for in a wine club while saving you time processing club runs which you can now spend elsewhere making more money and connecting with more customers.

Platform Wine Club Management Software Features

  • Utilise our recurring membership with inventory allocation for a simple wine club set up.
  • Publish set product allocations to your website, for example, Winter Selection or Summer Selection, where you choose the set of products available or publish multiple products and give your customers the flexibility of making their own selections.
  • Choose the number of rotations or scheduled delivery dates and then easily publish them to your website.
  • Flexible pricing means selecting different pricing levels for each membership tier or customer type, so your Gold customers might receive a 15% discount while your Silver customers receive 10%.
  • Set up parameters around which products are (and are not) included in your club and minimum amount required.
  • If a customer needs you to postpone or reschedule a wine club delivery, no problem! Just enter the new date and just before the rescheduled date you’ll get an alert to process the order.
  • Save time by pre-authorising credit cards before a club run to check they can be debited. For any not authorised, our system provides a call list (or a triggered email) to follow up with these customers.
  • Shipping rate selection allows you to select the rate for your club run (or make it free if shipping is included).
  • If during a club run you run out of a product, no problem! Our Purchase Schedule Product Quantity Report allows you to quickly change out a product for another for all members who have selected that product.
  • Our visual batch processing display shows you at-a-glance any order processing issues or errors.
  • Want to process your club run by state or city? Just use our handy conditional filters to break your club run into smaller segments for easier processing.
  • Add our SmartFreight integration for even faster fulfilment.
  • There is even an option to totally automate your club run through workflow management and triggered events. Just let us know the details and we’ll help you set it all up. What a time and money saver!
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If you manage your wine production and stock through Ezy Wine software, we’ll help you reduce manual data entry and double handling of information between sales and stock levels.  By integrating your Platform CRM managed ecommerce shop and Ezy Wine, sales made online are decremented from your Ezy Wine managed stock levels.

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