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    Achieve greater control over your business by making informed data-driven decisions concerning sales, stock and inventory, staffing, profit centres, customers and more.

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Achieve greater control of your business through our powerful front-of-house management software.  Flash reports at POS provide valuable up-to-the-minute reporting on staff costs, unfinalised bills, and sales through multiple profit centres such as bar or floor.  Our back-office software provides granular reporting allowing you to capitalise on sales trends, and monitor sales by staff member, time, date, table, product and much more.  You decide the best format to view your data from flash reports at POS to back-office dashboards, spreadsheets, static and timed reports.  Our POS reporting helps you to make informed business decisions based on hard data. 

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Platform CRM is a Customer Relationship Management Database designed to collect customer information and enable you to profile and segment your customer base, reporting on your different types of customers and how to meet their needs with your products and services. The metrics module within Platform CRM provides at-a-glance purchase information for every customer and the FRACS (Frequency, Recency, Amount, Category, Source) module tracks customer purchase behaviour making it possible to predict future behaviour and be there at the right time with the right offer to increase sales and delight your customers.

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Increasing profits, reducing costs and motivating employees are vital to growing your business. Triniteq Sales Manager is a powerful data collection and reporting tool which will assist you to continuously monitor sales, staff and costs and make informed data-driven decisions to manage and plan for your business or organisation.

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Power your customer engagement strategy through Triniteq Market Manager. Learn more about your customers and produce useful reports on customer profiles, preferences and past purchases.  Set up loyalty points programs through Market Manager and collect customer information to create segmented mailing lists and targeted promotions. 

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Take back control of your stock and inventory with Triniteq Stock Manager software.  Stock Manager enables you to make informed decisions to control your stock-on-hand, stock sold, inventory planning through food and recipe costing, and to identify which items have the highest profit margin, and when to stop selling those with the lowest.  Stock Manager’s remarkable reporting capabilities provide cost and profit information per item, even down to the number of nips in a bottle. Monitor stock and inventory levels for increased security, and stay abreast of the value of goods on-hand and sold, wastage, leakage, and when to reorder.  Add a barcode scanner for faster stocktaking capabilities and set desired stock levels to activate automatic re-ordering.  Integrate Stock Manager with your desired accounting software and reduce admin time, errors and double handling.

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Understand and control labour costs by managing your workforce through Time Manager.  Time Manager integrates directly with your Point of Sale system and allows you to schedule (roster), and then track staff by managing clock-on and off through your POS (through RFID tags, swipe cards, fob keys or Pin number).  Staff members can be rostered into different positions per shift (such as waitperson and food runner) and easily reimbursed different rates of pay for each position. Time and position information is sent directly from your POS system to Payroll reducing double handling and increasing accuracy.  Time Manager helps to control staff costs by allowing you to set and report on specific rules around overtime, particularly useful for multi-site hospitality and retail organisations where all information is managed directly from head office.  Administration time is reduced, and costs are controlled with Time Manager.    

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