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    Gain total control over your retail business from your warehouse to your physical, or online store with our powerful Point of Sale system.

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We are the retail POS system supplier of choice for many Australian retail businesses because we design systems based on the requirements of each individual business.

Flexible Payments

Flexible Payments

Increased payment options provide multiple ways to pay so customers can choose a payment method that suits them.  Cash and card are most popular, and we now offer lay-by for customers wanting to pay their purchase off over time.   Add in-store or online purchased and redeemable gift cards and certificates to your payment options and encourage repeat business from loyal customers while introducing new customers to your business.  

Advanced Stock Control

Advanced Inventory Control

Fine-tune your stock and inventory management with our popular Point of Sale system.  Assist the flow of goods and supply chain management by knowing what to reorder and when by tracking your stock in real-time through our retail and inventory management software.  Connect a barcode scanner, or select items manually at your POS, to maintain accurate stock levels and automatically generate purchase orders to reorder items when stock and inventory levels get low.  

Built For Speed

Built For Speed

Experience the lightning quick speeds of our Point of Sale system and obliterate queues by serving more customers, faster!  Don’t waste time or invite errors by entering figures manually into your EFTPOS machine. Use integrated EFTPOS with a range of integration providers and pick up the pace.  Connect bar code scanners to instantly identify and add products to sale and easily install more POS terminals and peripherals as your business grows.

"In the past, it was the retailer who determined what a customer should want to buy and how they should shop. Today, it’s the customer who is defining the shopping experience. And a retailer is missing opportunities for sales when it operates in the traditional silos that kept merchandise categories and selling channels separate rather than coordinated."

Walter Loeb - Forbes.com

  • Handheld or Mounted POS

    Do you have a limited budget or need a more basic POS configuration? Using a tablet with a cash drawer and printer is an inexpensive way to achieve a low cost, but highly functional handheld POS terminal, mobile POS cashier or fixed ordering solution for your business.  BYO tablet and we’ll load it with our full-featured point of sale software.  Don’t settle for 'lite' software with limited retail POS functionality. Get our full-featured solution for a similar price.

  • Granular Reporting

    Make business decisions based on hard data. Our purpose-built Point of Sale software suite, made up of POS, Stock Manager, Time Manager, Sales Manager, Market Manager, and Platform CRM software provide granular reporting capabilities on every facet of your business so you can monitor sales, your workforce and customer insights in real-time and over time. Forecast future demand and closely monitor progress for controlled expansion and growth.

  • Platform CRM

    Get to know your loyal customers.  Our retail CRM helps you to learn about them and be ready to meet their future needs.  Platform CRM provides the tools you need to grow your database, segment and profile customers to target offers and promotions, manage your website product catalogue, sell and collect purchase data through your website and in store, manage the purchase and redemption of gift certificates, and so much more. 

Find out what our customers have to say

Our goal is to be recognised and trusted as the leading business solutions provider across the hospitality and retail industries, so our customers are the focus of everything we do. Find out what they have to say about our popular business systems and service.

  • Seppeltsfield - Barossa, SA

    “After much research, we implemented a Triniteq POS solution for our cellar door sales venue. We were impressed by the front of house operation and particularly the ability to customise the ‘look and feel’, which was critical for our staff for navigating through a large number of stocked items. The key result has been a quicker transaction process, further enhanced by integrated EFTPOS.” Chad Elson, Sales & Marketing Manager  
  • Lokal + Cȯ - West End, QLD

    “We chose TriniTEQ POS because the back-office worked well on windows, the price was right, and the system was really simple and easy to learn.  Since then training and support have been excellent which makes working with the system a breeze.” Helge Olsen, Owner  

To find out more about Triniteq systems or services, contact us through this contact form or call us on 1300 784 666.
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