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    Boost service, increase spend and efficiency, and grow your nightclub, bar, pub or hotel business.

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With a focus on speed and reliability, our bar and club Point of Sale systems help you to provide better service to your valuable customers while keeping an eagle eye on sales, security, costs and inventory.

Increase Security

Increase Security

Secure your hard-earned profits by installing a Triniteq Point of Sale system.  Choose from Radio Frequency Identification tags (RFID), swipe cards, fob keys or PIN numbers to identify each operator as they log in to the system and track transactions as they happen.  Extend your POS system with CCTV or ‘cash cam’ and add video tracking for every operator and transaction.  For counterfeit currency protection, Check Note, our simple but super effective counterfeit currency detector, sits on your cash drawer and allows staff to detect dodgy notes discretely.

Boost Spending

Boost Spending

Increase spend by giving your customers the flexibility of quicker, smarter ways to pay for their drinks. Our advanced tab payment functionality allows a tab to run at the bar without holding onto a customer’s credit card.  Just swipe the card, add a name and the tab is ready to go.  For events such as a birthday or work function, set the spend value to add a limit to the tab.  It’s then easy for any staff member to add food and drinks, and the funds are secured.  Add a customer facing advertising display to your bar or club POS to promote events and discounts such as happy hour and increase footfall and spend during quieter times.  We can even program your POS system with suggestive sell prompts so no upsell opportunities are lost.

Serve More Customers

Serve More Customers

Waiterpad, our purpose built handheld mobile ordering device, lowers staff costs, maximises service efficiency and is proven to increase revenue. Arm your order taking with Waiterpad devices and watch their productivity skyrocket! No more delivering orders to different service locations. Just input the order at the table and press send.  Increase sales through suggestive sale prompts displayed on the device as orders are placed, and when integrated with your POS and Stock countdown feature, staff receive real-time stock level information, so they can seamlessly suggest alternatives when products are shown to be out of stock. 

Why work with Triniteq?

At Triniteq, our mission is to be the ideal creative technology solutions partner for businesses seeking success through intelligence, innovation and reliability. This means we take your business seriously. Our relationship with you and your business is our priority. With 20 years in the business, we have considerable experience in providing effective and efficient business systems to businesses like yours. Our goals are to maximise your revenue, reduce your costs, increase your customer spend and improve your service efficiency. We do this by understanding your industry and developing our software in-house based on your requirements. Then we build your system using quality purpose-built hardware. By installing our full-featured package you won’t need to compromise the originality and integrity of your business by using basic calculations systems or cash registers.

  • Membership & Loyalty

    Deepen customer relationships and keep your bar, pub or club top-of-mind. Our Point of Sale with Platform membership and loyalty tools allows you to get creative and design a loyalty program that works for your customers and your business. For reward formats, choose from points, membership levels or discounts and use the data collected to delight your loyal customers with exclusive targeted offers and promotions.  Marketing automation adds efficiencies to your program allowing you to get on with other projects while your loyalty program runs in the background.

  • Inventory & Stock Control

    Make informed decisions based on your stock on hand and stock sold. Plan and control your inventory using food and recipe costing, and identify which items have the highest profit margin, and when to stop selling those with the lowest.  Stock Manager’s remarkable reporting capabilities provide cost and profit information per item, even down to the number of nips in a bottle. Monitor stock and inventory levels for increased security, and to track the value of goods-on-hand and sold, wastage, leakage, and when to reorder.  Add a barcode scanner for faster stocktaking capabilities and set desired stock levels to activate automatic re-ordering.  Integrate Stock Manager with your desired accounting software such as MYOB or Xero and decrease admin time, errors and double handling.

  • Staff Management

    We understand that labour is one of the biggest costs for businesses and lack of control results in reduced profit. Triniteq’s Time Manager software gives you back control over your workforce from rostering to payroll and everything in-between.  By integrating directly with your POS, you can add your staff schedule or roster and track staff clocking on and off via their personalised secure pin, swipe card or RFID tag.  Regularly running flash reports at POS to saves you money by providing up-to-the-minute information on staff costs against expected sales and avoids labour cost blow out. Easily manage the information sent to payroll such as multiple job positions and accurate time reports, and identify your best sellers through granular back-office reporting.

Find out what our customers have to say

Our goal is to be recognised and trusted as the leading business solutions provider across the hospitality and retail industries, so our customers are the focus of everything we do. Find out what they have to say about our popular business systems and service.

  • Bassendean Bowling Club - Bassendean, WA

    “When we needed to update our club POS we were after a system that was easy to use and tracked stock and inventory, as well as allowing us to easily manage bar tabs and member accounts. Our Triniteq system ticks all the boxes and has loads of functionality we will be deploying in the future such as memberships and targeted loyalty promotions. Before Triniteq we found it hard to manage leakage but now accuracy and stock control is vastly improved.  The system does exactly what we needed it to.” Simon Alden, Club Manager  
  • Voyage Kitchen - Sorrento Beach, WA

    “We chose Triniteq systems for their reporting abilities, simple design, user-friendly interface and reliable hand-held technology. The service we receive is excellent with a long-serving and dedicated support team to assist us during and after-hours. Their products and systems have proven to be reliable in our high turnover business.” Michael Campion, Director  

To find out more about Triniteq systems or services, contact us through this contact form or call us on 1300 784 666.
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